Oct 21

Library of Chinese Classics: The Book of Songs in Chinese and Arabic Published

Recently, The Book of Songs of the Library of Chinese Classics series in Chinese and Arabic is published by Beijing Normal University Publishing Group. The book is co-translated by Liu Xinlu and You mei, lecturers in BFSU-Department of Arabic Studies , and famous Egyptian sinologist Mohsen Fergani, winner of the Special Book Award of China.

This is the first time that The Book of Songs has been translated directly from Chinese into Arabic and co-translated by Chinese and Arabic translators. The three translators spent three years’ hard work on it. They divided the work and finished their own part. After that, they worked together to revise and polish the renderings line by line. Finally, they presented us with the first complete Arabic version of The Book of Songs .

Library of Chinese Classics Committee praised this rendering and said ” the translators, abiding by Arabic poems’ rhymes, finish this complicated task with fluent poetic sentences. They have enriched the Library of Chinese Classics.”