Mar 09

He Mingxing


PhD in Literature, Beijing Normal University and Professor of the International Institute of Chinese Studies BFSU. He specializes in the cultural history of publication, the history of Chinese books and periodicals and the history of international communication. He has published or republished more than 100 academic papers on core journals and CSSCI, including China Publishing Journal, Publishing Research, Chinese Translators Journal, Media, China Book Review, Xinhua Wenzhai and Journalism & Communication (photo copy resources of the People’s University). He has written several books, including The Writings and the Families — Sociology Observe and Study on the Editing Fashion from the Writers’ Collecting Works in Qing Dynasty, The 60 Years History (1949-2009) on Books and Periodicals Overseas Distribution in Modern China, The Foreign Books Distribution History of People’s Republic of China (1949-1979), Zhongguo Tushu Yu Qikan De Shijie Yingxiangli Yanjiu and From Cultural Politics to Cultural Business, the Revolution of China’s Publication.